The Meaning of Faith

By Billie Marie Zal
     Sometimes we think the Lord must be very amused with His children when we feel we have done some great exploit in His name, yet secretly claimed the glory for ourselves.
     We hear about the faith of some child of God, and we try to imitate it in order to get some prayer answered. But even though we may fool others with our imitation we never fool our God.
     Perhaps the Apostles felt much the same as we do when they said to Jesus, “Lord, increase our faith.” And instead of agreeing to do so the Lord replied, “If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this mulberry tree, ‘be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.” (Luke 17:5-6).
     As we study the Scriptures we discover that immediately after Jesus told His apostles they had no faith He began to relate a parable to them, and there is a definite connection between this parable and the disciples’ own lack of faith. Let us see what it is.
     Jesus began to tell them about the life of a servant, and his responsibility toward his master. If a master had a servant, the Lord said, and the servant came in from the fields after a hard day’s work he would first have to fix his master’s meal and do all the necessary tasks before fixing his own meal. And even after all this, he could only say concerning himself, “I am an unprofitable servant. I have done only that which was my duty to do” (See Luke 17:10-17).
     The disciples’ desire for faith, then, would be only a means to and end, to make themselves profitable, or important, to the Master.
     There is no scriptural indication that the apostles grasped the significance of the Lord’s parable. They were satisfied, for the moment, to have only a frothy, shallow kind of truth.
     And so it is today. The vast majority of Christians go around saying, “All you have to do is just have faith. Just believe God, and He will do whatever you ask!” This kind of thinking can be dangerous to spiritual growth. It can be dangerous because in a way it gives man, rather than God, the glory for whatever is accomplished.
     It is true that God delights in us when we take Him at His Word. But first He would have us learn the deep lessons of humility and submission to His sovereign will before we can receive the gift of faith. Otherwise we might claim the victory for self rather than for God.
     One time during an illness in our family Christian friends came to us and said, “You don’t get healed because you don’t believe God. Healing was in the atonement, and you have a right to be healed. Just have faith and God will hear!”
     We have never doubted that God could and does heal. We have seen Him heal, both through the wondrous skill of earthly physicians and through divine intervention. And that is why we could not accept the premise that healing was not granted simply because WE did not believe.
     Therefore we went to the Lord asking His will on the matter. And He impressed us with many, many truths during this time of sore trial.
     First He showed us that His appointed time for healing had not yet come. There was a work of grace to be done in our lives. We had asked that He make us conformable to His image in a more definite way in order that we would be more pliable in His hands, and thus be better able to hear His voice and obey His commandments. This illness, then, was His means of purging us of many attitudes over which we had longed to have victory.
     Then He showed us that we could not use our own logic and decide that it was time the trial ended. He who made us knows best, and He would end the trial when He saw fit to end it and not a moment sooner.
     Looking back at what we learned during this suffering made us thankful indeed that we had not received immediate healing. There are lessons of faith that we cannot learn any other way than through the valley of suffering!
     Many people believe that because we do not make our needs known to man that we have some kind of mysterious “gimmick” with God and that we just sit back and ask God to give us such and such a thing and He does it. This is far from true. We had to go through years and years of harsh discipline - doing without nice clothes, driving broken-down “junks,” giving up every simple little luxury, and yes, even being willing to starve if God so willed (some Christians HAVE starved!) before we could learn to have faith not in God’s supply, but the GOD OF SUPPLY!
     Let us never mistake what true faith means. True faith must not be in healing, or in physical supply, or in blessings. True faith always culminates in the words of our Lord in Gethsemane, “Not my will, but thine be done.” For no matter what we ask, God must always have the last word.
     There are all kinds of people in the Bible who had true faith - a faith that did not demand but bowed to the sovereign will of god. And it cost them something. It always cost something to receive the gift of faith.
     It cost Zacchaeus the Israelite half his wealth.
     It cost the twelve apostles their livelihood.
     It cost the blind man his religious affiliation with the synagogue.
     It cost the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment her pride.
     It cost Paul the Apostle his reputation.
     It cost John the Baptist his head.
     To have faith in God always costs self something!
     It is true that there are times when it seems that God has forgotten you. He does not answer your prayer. The days stretch on in weary monotony and you begin to hear the tempter’s voice, “Does God really care about you? If He is your Father why doesn’t He do something?”
     It is at such times that you decide, by your own volition, what kind of faith you want -a superficial, frothy, petulant kind of faith that demands all, yet is willing to give nothing; or a deep, abiding, trusting faith that says, “Lord, I will go on, even if you do not grant my petition. It is enough that you have saved me.” The choice is entirely up to you.
     The next time someone says you should have faith and then you can have anything you want from God, go to the Lord, letting HIM show you, as He did His disciples, what the meaning of faith really is.
     He may lead you through many dark valleys. There may be times of affliction. Sorrow may become your companion. You may suffer financial loss. Friends may shun you. But remember, He knows what is best for you and He will surely bring you into still waters and green pastures when your eyes become fixed not upon His blessings but upon the Blessed One! Then indeed, you will have the faith in God.
     Originally published in February, 1964.

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Rodney & Barney on the way to the Post Office
     I thought I had pretty much made my point that we needed to hear from you if you wanted to continue receiving Wingspread. Many of you have yet to respond, and to us that means that you either don’t read the newsletter, or by your silence you are indicating that you no longer wish to be on our mailing list. Either way this will be the last newsletter for some of you. We are desperately trying to cut costs at every corner, and we can save money on the copying and postage, and so I don’t have a problem in cutting this mailing list back further.
     Most of you say that you can’t find the deer in last month’s Wingspread. I think that a lot of you may be looking into the woods, or not looking at all. For everyone who couldn’t see the deer, look again! They are in the clearing area just before you go into the woods.
     We have a lot going on around here. Brian and Gail are moving into the big house and so they are really, really busy right now. It’s not like they didn’t have enough to do before. But they are fine. Ed & Shirley, Jay, and Margaret and I are well, also. I’ll get a “general letter” out soon and give you all the news………For now, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Mothers, and guys, don’t forget your Mother on May 8th.

Click picture to ZOOMA Note From Margaret
Looking out the window this morning, I was amazed at how green our forest had become, almost over night it seemed. We seldom think about the wonder of a seemingly dead tree becoming alive with leaves, but it is a miracle.
     I thought to myself, “this is one thing satan can’t stop.” God “spoke” all this into being eons ago; the seasons are set down by His Word. His Word is power and His Word is forever written in Heaven and can’t be changed. Because God remains true to His Word.
     I used to kind of wish that somewhere in time God would change His mind about some things. Like hell for instance. Maybe He would be sorry and do away with all that kind of awful punishment.
     But no, I knew He would never change. He once, long ago, gave satan certain powers, and even though satan fell and set himself up Above God, God remains true to His Word and allows satan his time. I hate to give the evil one any time, but I often wonder how many people really even believe that there is such a being, and that he goes about like a “roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8
     I am aware of his anger; he knows he is running out of time and his day of judgment is coming. He hates a true Christian and there will never be a let-up in his attack. But all power belongs to God and we can feel secure in that knowledge.

     Christ says, “Give me All . . . I have not come to torment your natural self, but to kill it. No half-measures are any good. I don’t want to cut off a branch here and a branch there, I want to have the whole tree down.”
     And the first job each morning consists simply in shoving {all your wishes and hopes} back; in listening to that other voice, taking that other point of view, letting that other larger, stronger, quieter life come flowing in.
     We can only do it for moments at first.
     (C.S. Lewis, excerpts from Mere Christianity)

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